Institutional Framework

Institutional framework


Ministry of Environmental Protection

The Ministry in charge of environment protection is responsible for climate change and hosting the UNFCCC Focal Point.

An inter-ministerial committee on environmental protection and climate change (ICEPECC) has also been established.


UNFCCC focal point

The UNFCCC Focal point for Israel is Ms Shulamit (Shuli) NEZER, Deputy General Director for Industries and Licensing at the Ministry of Environmental Protection. Ms Ronnie Cohen-Ginat, Coordinator Airt Quality and Climate Change Division.


The Designated National Authority (DNA)

Following the ratification of the Kyoto Protocol, a DNA was established for the approval of Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects. Its members consist, among others, of government representatives from several ministries, including the Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Economy, and Ministry of Agriculture, an NGO and the Israel Electric Corporation.


The secretariat of the DNA is at the Ministry of Environmental Protection (Mr. Tzur Galin, Director of the Division of Air Quality and Climate Change).