Institutional Framework

Institutional Framework


UNFCCC focal point

The UNFCCC Focal Point for Algeria is Mr. Abdelghani Merabet, Environment and Sustainable Development Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


The National Climate Change Agency (ANCC)

The national agency on the climate change (ANCC in French) was created in 2005. It is the central instrument of the implementation of the national climate change policy and its impacts on the economic and social development.


The National Environment and Sustainable Development Observatory (ONEDD)

The National Environment and Sustainable Development Observatory (ONEDD in Fench ): the observatory is in charge of collecting, processing, producing and disseminating the environmental data at the scientist, technique and statistics levels in cooperation with the concerned national institutions and the organizations.


The Designated National Authority (DNA)

The Algerian DNA was established following the adoption of the interministerial decree of 2 February 2006 relating "to the designated national authority within the framework of the clean development mechanism ". Itis constituted by a commission called "the commission of the designated national authority ", placed under the supervision of the minister in charge of environment.