Institutional Framework

Institutional framework


Ministry of Environment

The Ministry of Environment is the main governmental body concerned with the development and implementation of environmental policy in Jordan, including the coordination of climate change activities through the country’s Climate Change Unit. The structures in charge of climate change actions consist of the National Committee, which includes Members from the Ministries of Environment, Planning, Water, Energy, Transport, Industry, Health, Social Development and Agriculture. Moreover, there are a number of other entities that work on the subject, such as the Meteorology Department, the Royal Scientific Society, the Royal Department for Environment Protection, the Greater Amman Municipality, the Aqaba Special Economic Zone, the Jordan Environment Society, the National Center for Agricultural Research and Extension, the Department of Vehicle Licensing and the Jordan Women National Council.


UNFCCC Focal Point

The MoEnv is in charge for the coordination of climate change activities through the country’s climate change unit; the UNFCCC Focal Point is Ms. Indira Al-Dahabi/ Head of Climate Change Portfolio.


The Designated National Authority (DNA)

The DNA was established within the Ministry of Environment and consists of two components:

  • The Technical Committee, with members from climate change unit, academia, private sectors and other stakeholders
  • The High Level DNA Committee, with members from ministries of energy, water, transportation, planning, agriculture, industry, and municipal affairs, in addition to public security and the royal scientific society.


The contact person for the DNA is H.E. Eng. Ahmad Alqtarneh.