Institutional Framework

Institutional framework


Ministry of Environment

Climate Change is mainly managed by the CC Unit within the Ministry of Environment.

Other specific structures established to deal with CC issues include:

  • The National Committee for Climatic Change ( CNCC ), set up in 1996 and made up of representatives of ministerial Departments and national institutions involved in CC issues.
  • The National Scientific and Technical Committee ( CNST- CC ), established in 2001, made up of national experts and set up as a national equivalent to IPCC.


UNFCCC Focal Point

Mr. Mohamed Nbou, Directeur des Etudes, de la Planification et de la Prospective, Ministère Délegué Chargé de l'Environnement. 

The Designated National Authority ( DNA ) 

The Designated National Authority for CDM was created on 18 September 2002. The DNA plays two roles: one is regulatory, laying down the rules and procedures of assessment and approval of CDM projects; the second is promotional, focusing on capacity building and marketing Morocco’s CDM potential.


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