Institutional Framework

Institutional framework


The Ministry of Environment

The Ministry of Environment (MOE) is responsible for climate change according to Law 690/2005. A Climate Change Team (CCT) follows all climate change activities of the Ministry and recently, a Climate Change Coordination Unit (CCCU) has been established, composed of representatives of 40 different ministries, gouvernemental agencies, academic institutions, NGOs and the private sector.


UNFCCC focal point

The UNFCCC Focal Point for Lebanon is Mrs Rola Sheikh, Acting Head of the Department of Air Quality, Ministry of Environment.


The Designated National Authority (DNA)

 The Ministry in charge of environment protection is the Designated National Authority (DNA) for the approval projects eligible under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) since May 2006. Seven projects have been approved by the CDM Executive Board generating a total of 91,721 CERs every year.